Barge work – summer 2022

GB1 and GB2 at Hinkley Point during a load-out operation
GB4 ready for lift-off of a module for JOHAN CASTBERG
GB3 and GB4 doing 10 year docking at Westcon Shipyard

Perfect day!

Lou Reed sang “Perfect Day” and this was absolutely one of them! Happy to be on board “GREENBARGE 4” again!

Dutch Royal visit in Trondheim

Last week our home city Trondheim was honored with a royal visit by the Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen M´áxima. Doing most of our business in The Netherlands, we felt it naturally to pay our respect and greet the Royals with a couple of homebrewed Royal beer, the very limited edition of the Dutch Pale Ale – Trondheim 11.11.21.

The Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon and the Dutch King Willem-Alexander
Queen Máxima and Crown Prince Haakon and a couple of bottles of Dutch Royal Pale Ale

Barge summer!

It’s been a busy summer for our “GREENBARGES” who’s been working in the North Sea, and also for our “RANBARGE 1” working in the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s some nice pictures showing our beautiful ladies in operation!

RANBARGE 1 – Unloading pipe laying tower in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam

Last weekend a big pipe laying tower was lifted off from the RANBARGE 1, and installed on the pipe laying vessel AMAZON in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam. The lifting operation was conducted by the world’s largest crane vessel, SLEIPNIR.

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