Rán Offshore is operating five barges. The GREENBARGE 1-4 (built 2012/2013) are modern ultra deck strength flattop North Sea barges (300′ x 90′). The hull shape is improved for reduced towing resistance obtaining a higher towing speed with less fuel consumption. Deck space of 2.500 m2 and deck strength of 25T/m2. These barges were the first offshore barges to have a built-in BWTS.

The RANBARGE 1 was added to our fleet in 2018, and she is a 400′ x 120′ ballastable barge with 4.450 m2 deck space and also with a deck strength of 25T/m2.

In addition to this, Rán Offshore is also technical manager for two 50x18m flat top barges, commercially operated by the company Fundamentering (FAS).